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Maldives Traveller members get the VIP treatment

Access to First Class Lounge available

4 June 2014

Maldives Traveller members can now experience comfort and luxury at every stage of their journey to the Maldives.

We have now introduced a privileged sixth member level for members who have posted 45 reviews and accumulated 65,000 points or more. The “Maldives Ambassador VIP” level will entitle members to complimentary access to the First Class Leeli Lounge at Ibrahim Nasir (Male’) International Airport. The well appointed lounge is located on the First Floor of the International Departure Terminal and offers newspapers, refreshments, hot and cold food, Wi-Fi access and numerous other amenities in first class comfort.

Maldives Traveller members can accumulate points by submitting reviews of everything from resorts to restaurants and excursions. Members can also earn points when they post a photo, or when another member likes their post.

VIP members do not have to use their points to access the lounge, meaning they can use the facility whenever they wish. Use of the First Class Leeli Lounge also added to the Rewards section of the website, which enable other members to gain access in exchange for 6,000 points.

Maldives Traveller will introduce more exclusive Rewards later stage. These will include candlelit dinners and excursion vouchers at the Maldives resort of their choice and will be exclusive to members when redeeming points.

Our member levels are as follows:
1. 5 reviews + 3,000 points = Reviewer
2.   10 reviews + 6,000 points = Senior Reviewer
3.   15 reviews + 10,000 points = Contributor
4.   25 reviews + 30,000 points = Senior Contributor
5.   35 reviews + 50,000 points = Maldives Ambassador
6.  45 reviews + 65,000 points = Maldives Ambassador VIP

Maldives Traveller work has won the prestigious 'National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism'
Winner of National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism

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