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Maldives Traveller offers goodie bags to members

A host of must-have souvenirs available to contributors

15 August 2013

Maldives Traveller members are now able to claim up to $50 worth of rewards. Members posting on the Maldives Traveller website can now claim a goodie bag stocked with memorable gifts from the Maldives. The initiative is part of the site’s reward scheme, whereby contributors accumulate points which can be redeemed for gifts.

There are four types of goodie bags available, each filled with popular treats to remind visitors of their stay in Maldives. Contributors who have accumulated 900 points are eligible for a goodie bag worth $10 US. A goodie bag worth $20 is available to those with 1,900 points, while contributors with 3,800 points can secure a goodie bag worth $40. A goodie bag worth $50 is available to those who have accumulated 4,8000 points. Gifts include magnets, notebooks, stickers, calendars, wall maps, postcards, posters, candles, photo albums, photo frames, tea bags, T shirts, pareos and a number of other souvenirs. 

Those who have visited the Maldives can post a photo or submit a review and earn sufficient points to pick up a goodie bag on their next visit. Alternatively their goodie bag can be sent anywhere in the world with the purchase of 1000 points.

Every word of a review accounts for one redeemable point. Contributors can also earn two points towards a goodie bag for every photo posted, while a point will be earned every time another visitor ‘likes’ a photo or review by clicking the accompanying heart logo. As a result members are able to maximise their points by inviting friends to join Maldives Traveller and asking them to like their posts.

Maldives Traveller work has won the prestigious 'National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism'
Winner of National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism

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