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Maldives Traveller opens boutique store in Male’

50% discount will be offered to Maldives Traveller members

31 January 2014

Maldives Traveller has expanded its gift offer with the opening of ‘Maldives Traveller Boutique’ in the capital Male’. The store, located in the most populous city in the Maldives, will carry a collection of Maldives Traveller branded gift items, together with a host of other fabulous Maldives gifts.

The boutique is conveniently located on the first floor of the STO trade centre, in the main tourist area of Male’, near to the main jetty.

Members of the Maldives Traveller community will benefit from a 50% discount on all purchases when they visit the store, which will stock a comprehensive range of gift items, including those not found on the website.

Maldives Traveller contributors are also entitled to redeem gift points at the store. Visitors to the site who submit travel reviews or photos can accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for gifts. Gift points are also awarded when another visitor ‘likes’ a member’s review, photo or comment.

Gifts on the website range from a collection of postcards showcasing some of the best vantage points the Maldives has to offer, to a beautiful lacquered vase worth $50 US.

Maldives Traveller recently extended its gift offer to include items such as hand-painted souvenirs, coconut wood items, tropical clothes and jewellery collections. Each gift offers visitors a treasured reminder of their time in paradise.

Male’ offers visitors an experience distinct from the island resorts and features a number of cultural sites, unique architecture and a wide range of shops and restaurants.

Maldives Traveller work has won the prestigious 'National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism'
Winner of National Award for Promoting Maldives Tourism

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