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Day Tour to Club Med Kani
Day Tour to Club Med Kani
Day Tour to Club Med Kani
Day Tour to Club Med Kani
Day Tour to Club Med Kani

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Day Tour to Club Med Kani

Tour Description

Club Med Kani with all inclusive would be the best to spend a day in a tropical resort island, including drinks, Swimming pool and some water sports. This is perfectly poised to provide everything you need to escape to your own island paradise.

Described as a ‘garden island’, the resort even looks like a palm tree when viewed from above, with rows of stilted wooden suites jutting out into the clear turquoise lagoon like fronds.

This slice of lush green surrounded by perfect white sand and tantalising azure waters is the ultimate island getaway with a resort offering the highest levels of luxury.

Dive to the vibrant coral cities and sea life below the ocean, enjoy the freshwater pool situated right at the edge of the beach or sample the exquisite flavours of Asia in this true Garden of Eden.

The selection of bars and restaurants are positioned with the best views of the beach and lagoon – what greater luxury could there be than sipping your drink barefoot in the sand, in the shade of the coconut trees.

You can enjoy the best nature has to offer, cooling off in the tempting crystal lagoon, wondering at the multicoloured bird life among the abundant palms or simply soaking up the glorious sunshine. Your trip is made complete with lunch in this captivating setting. Everyday life will feel miles away.

This island would be most fun filled island among all the tours.

This tour is ideal for passengers arriving from cruise ship, those staying in Male' city, Hulhumale, Crossroads and those want to join from airport to spend spare time between departure flight.

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