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Photo of Day Tour to Maafushi Island
Photo of Day Tour to Maafushi Island
Photo of Day Tour to Maafushi Island
Photo of Day Tour to Maafushi Island
Photo of Day Tour to Maafushi Island

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Day Tour to Maafushi Island

Tour Description

A day tour to Maafushi island in the Maldives is a captivating opportunity to immerse yourself in the local tourism scene. Experience a range of thrilling water sports activities available on the island.

Maafushi is known for its pristine beaches and vibrant atmosphere, offering a perfect blend of cultural exploration and adventure.

The island's laid-back vibe and charming streets set the stage for an authentic and memorable day of exploration.

A day tour to Maafushi provides an enriching experience that combines cultural exploration and thrilling water sports adventures.

Immerse yourself in local tourism and indulge in exciting activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat riding.

The Northside beach of the island has a variety of water sports, and part of it is for bikini beach. You can see many hotels and water sports centres along the beach.

Maafushi offers a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle of the Maldives and leaves you with memories of a day well spent on this tropical island.

This tour is ideal for passengers arriving from a cruise ship and those staying in Male City and Hulhumale.

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Karyna Kavaleuskaya
Maafushi Island day tour
Despite the fact that the transfer was late for the boat, we were taken to Maafushi anyway. We were also lucky to see dolphins on this trip. We were picked up from the island on time and promptly delivered to the hotel. We recommend Maldives Traveller.
Jan Privizer
Everything ok
Well organised. Nice experience.
Payodhi Pradhan
The fact that the locals are so sincere and helpful just makes me fall in love with Maafushi.... There are plenty of water sports you can do and the beach is just amazing 🤩
Jolanta Baran
Great day
The tour was very well organised and everything on time. Maafushi is perfect if you are staying in the city and want to experience the local tourism or hang around in another island for a short time.