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Maldives Tours: Pick of the Best Snorkelling Trips

By Jonathan Kearney
February 5, 2020
Photo of Maldives Tours: Pick of the Best Snorkelling Trips

The Maldives is one of the world’s top destinations for snorkelling and diving, and travellers come from far and wide to experience the rich life under its turquoise waves.

The crystal clear, calm waters of the Indian Ocean, abundant marine life and vibrant coral reefs make the Maldives a haven for snorkelling and diving.

Its atolls are home to a wide variety of ocean wildlife, including manta rays, tropical fish, dolphins, turtles and even sharks. Just slip on your snorkelling mask, glide into the azure waters and enter another world of marine magic.

If you’re visiting the Maldives, here are the top snorkelling trips. All these tours will provide a snorkelling set (mask and snorkel) free of charge.

Best Adventure Tour

This is a great option for those looking to hit all the best snorkelling spots. You’ll see manta rays, a wide range of dazzling marine life and colourful coral reefs. This trip also includes a dolphin cruise and a lunchtime stop at local Himmafushi Island, where you can enjoy the stunning surroundings above the waves and experience local life.

Half-Day Snorkelling Adventure

This tour will take you to three different coral reefs where you’ll swim with tropical fish, eagle rays, turtles, Napoleon fish, sharks, and many more.

This is a good budget-friendly choice for travellers who want to glimpse the Maldives’ marine world without spending too much time or money.

Snorkelling with Sandbank Visit

Guests on this half-day trip will enjoy two snorkelling stops at magnificent coral reefs, a dolphin cruise, and, for that extra bit of adventure, a stop at a sandbank.

Landing on this slip of powdery white sand in the middle of the ocean is a wonderful castaway experience. Guests are free to swim and snorkel around the sandbank or relax on the sand.