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Maldives to Celebrate World Tourism Day with Tourism Values

By Sara Delmedico
September 27, 2019
Photo of Maldives to Celebrate World Tourism Day with Tourism Values

Maldives aims to raise awareness of the values of tourism among the global community, joining the celebration of World Tourism Day today, September 27th.

The theme of this year, ‘Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all’, clearly conveys the key role of tourism for the country and its people. Tourism accounts for 28% of Maldives' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs roughly 25,000 local workers.

A job fair focussed on tourism and targeting young people to take place in Malé on September 27th and 28th and will offer new job opportunities to those who are interested in this sector, thanks to the increasing number of tourists visiting the Maldives (2018 data reported nearly 1.4 million visitors, and many more are expected in 2019).

On October 1st, the foundations of the tourism centre will be laid in Angolhitheem island of Raa Atoll. The centre will promote and advise to enhance traditional and guesthouse tourism in the country.

Alongside higher revenue for the country, an increasing flow of visitors also means that more measures should be taken to ensure sustainable development and maintain a safe environment where visitors can enjoy a great and carefree stay. The government also pays close attention to the tourists' security to ensure the Maldives is a peaceful place for visitors.

To celebrate the 2019 World Tourism Day, the government of Maldives has launched several activities, including the participation of tourists and locals, and are sponsored by many resorts, islands and top brands.

Bokkura Race is one of these: both men and women will participate in this race using traditional fixed-seat rowing boats.

Moreover, during an event at Baros Maldives lagoon, 500 free divers will free-dive simultaneously to break the world record for ‘The most people free-diving simultaneously’, set in 2009 by Italy with 280 free divers. On the same day, there will also be an attempt to form the ‘biggest human ring’ around Malé.

Events celebrating World Tourism Day will end with a conference addressing tourism and how to foster this crucial sector and with the Official Gala Night dinner at Paradise Island Resort and Spa.